The October Revolution At Its 99th Anniversary

The October Revolution will have left astern its 99th year. Not even a hundred years, 99 years ago, did the mankind try to build a system with a man willpower by challenging the blind rules of social history. The mankind realized a great revolution in the wake of shaping the World according to the humanity’s thousand-year dreams.

The first time in history, proletariat and the oppressed took over the power from the feudal lords and the bourgeois. The bourgeois system got wounded massively which started its extinguishment from the stage of history, together with its past cognates – the feudal and the slavery.

The capitalist World system which comprises imperialist Powers in the center and the exploitees in periphery fragmentized.

The mankind carried their insurrection to the victory, the takeover of the power against the man’s slavery to man, to exploitation, to every kind of discrimination and humiliation.

Russian Tsarism’s prison of the peoples was overthrown with rallying cries of socialism and freedom. Proletariat came into power with equality and freedom demands.

The mankind started to build a new world with their own hands.

When examined today, we are talking about a socialist experience which disintegrated in 1989 and decayed within itself.

The imperialist powers started to siege the Soviet Union. To hinder the expansion of the revolution, every imperialist power, Japan, England and so on, waged war against the Soviet revolution. They supported the White Army of Denikin and strived to devour the country. From the first day, they tried to suffocate the new revolutionary power with starvation and poverty.

The imperialist powers, to begin with England, left no stone unturned to prevent the revolution to spread over the peripheral countries. They quashed the revolution in Germany in 1919. The fascism which was grew fat with the support of imperialism in the 1930s is the clearest example of the counter-revolution to suffocate the revolutionary struggle of the Ger-man proletariat. Likewise, the Soviet Union started to be sieged in order to stop the revolution igniting the uprising in the exploited countries.

The October Revolution meant the overthrow of bourgeoisie by the laborers on the one hand, and on the other it meant the freeing of the peoples in the Tzardom which were once called ‘the prison of the peoples’. Against the impact of the revolution, the imperialist centres organized the counter-revolution of the world and put the peoples’ annihilation and the anti-communist war forward.

Eventually, the revolution could not spread by leaps.

Even if the revolution had dismembered the world’s capitalist chain’s link from a point, it started to be trapped in certain boundaries.

Today, before 2017 – the 100th year of the October Revolution, the world offers opportunities to the expansion of the revolution. Today the socialist revolution will spread more rapidly.

Today the context in which the world’s capitalist system extends, the internationalization of the capital enables more possibilities. Today the communicational opportunities offer more chances to this. And of course, we have the socialist experience of 99 years from several countries. That is to say, the world’s revolutionary movement’s heritage provides possibilities for this.

On the other hand, today as distinct from the October Revolution’s time, ‘the regions’ together with the countries become the weak links in the world’s capitalist system. For instance, in this ‘old world’s significant part, namely in the Balkans, the Caucasus, Mesopotamia and Anatolia, a revolution developing in a country will affect the others to a large extent.

These similar circumstances are also valid for Latin America. Of course this has historical, geographical, economic and political reasons. But this situation has the possibilities of revolution to spread rapidly.

We call this as the 1st important point, the revolution has more possibilities of expansion when compared to 1917. We are not talking about subjective situation, but an objective one.

The second point is that a revolution that succeeds will have more opportunities than the October Revolution when it comes to take measures to surpass the meta-commodity and money horizon.

One of the reasons for that is the system’s level of economical-technical development. Compared to yesterday, it is much more possible to make many arrangements. For instance, cards like credit cards make it avail-able to limit the money circulation and meta economy by this way. For instance, today there has available technical infrastructure to meet human needs without working more.

And of course, there is a socialist experience which gives possibilities to make these changes with great strides from education to health, from transportation to accommodation problems and so on. This experience does not only consist of Soviet Union. It also consists of the other socialist countries’ experience and it is a common experience of world revolutionary movement.

Today a revolution developing in the region that we are located has a potential of putting into practice a socialist federation of the peoples. This also means surpassing “nation state” conception in a different manner. Therefore, socialism has great potential possibilities at the outset. A revolution developing in the Balkans, the Caucasus and the Middle East with a socialist and emancipatory maxim and progressing on a volunteer basis means the real opportunity to move the October Revolution’s fire much more forward.

It will be much more difficult to suffocate and trap a revolution developing on that base.

In the 99th year, it is needed to understand the October Revolution on this basis.

No doubt will there be a lot of mistakes in our socialism as in the Soviet experience. But if we become good learners, the experience of world revolutionary movement and the 99 years of experience in power will teach us a lot.

Unfortunately, today the world revolutionary movement is subjectively still weak. World labour movement is weak. The period starting with the disintegration of the Soviet Union erodes the faith to the working class and revolutionary movements. The working class has started to lose their ideology and faith in many places. Even after 27 years, this situation still sustains. On one hand the capitalist system which has become a monster prolonging its own life gets closer to be demolished, on the other hand the world revolutionary movement and labour movement still cannot build up from a subjective point of view.

First and foremost, the world revolutionary movement does not hold an international union and they are still far away from having that.

This situation is the most important problem to overcome.

As the revolutionaries of this region, we are able to observe the revolutionary objectivity developing here today. This is not an automatically positive result of course. From now on, the experience the world revolutionary movement no doubt shows that the imperialist powers, the world reactionism will not hesitate to do anything not lose their heaven. Therefore, we cannot be as narrow-minded to infer a positivity from the objectivity automatically. We see that the class struggle is sharpening and we are living in an era expecting harder struggle.

Anyhow in all the region, the pain arising from the capitalist plunder exceeds a threshold and now a will of freedom and equality is being ferment-ed again.

When compared to 1917’s before, we think that we are more advantageous. Both the freedom of the peoples and the struggle for the emancipation if the working class and the humanity will improve in a stronger way again.

Revolution and socialism has not yet swept the world, but we also can see that the capitalism has come to the limit, this system of exploitation and plunder, humiliation and slavery has come to an end.

Today it is a clearer truth that revolution and socialism, a world without classes, wars and exploitation is not only revolutionaries’ dream. On the contrary, there is no way to be the salt of the earth.

The imperialist war of sharing which is waged as a war of plundering against the people with the cooperation of imperialist powers and their local/regional co-conspirators has resulted with a darkness far beyond the medieval. The capitalist system has become a shapeless monster because of passing its death time. They think that they will provide their future by eliminating the humanity. Therefore they activate their bloody gangs everywhere in the world. This is a darkness, worse than the medieval.

To stay as a human being is not possible without resistance to that, with passing by and staying silent.

In the 99th year of the October Revolution, world has again become the board of a new imperialist war of share. This war is taking more dangerous shapes.

The October Revolution put an end to the sharing of the world and today it is again possible to stop this war by a sequence of socialist revolutions. We the world’s revolutionaries paid all the price of our mistakes with the disintegration of the socialism in 1989. Now we should turn our eyes to the rising period. The October Revolution could not make the world change. But today, this process still continues and a more powerful rise will provide this. Forward for revolution, either socialism or death!