We think, that the world need today more than ever before an international connection. In this sense, the world revolutionary movement has a force. But it is indispensable that we “take to task” the international understanding. Without to develop a new international knowledge and a new ethic, it doesn’t make sense for us, to come together and shout “long live the international solidarity’. Internationalism means for us; to lead the revolutionary movements of the world, without to squint of their power (how much they are), in the same ideology as equal and free fundament for the struggle together.

Internationalism neither fits in translation offices, nor can mean the bond-age in comparison with revolutionary leaders of a big country. From there we attach importance of an equal free international pressure and we think that this is very urgent.

We think, that we get increase the resistance and the steadfastness by socialist countries as “bastion”, if we concentrate our power for the World Revolution. Just the same as we had the doubt on us, our dogging, to sup-port the Kurdish Revolution haven’t perform, we think that we are in the same one guilty now our support without failing the Cuban Revolution. We can pay off the bill only through that, that we cut a wound more in the capitalist-imperialist word.

Kaldıraç is a legal organization. We try to fight against the enemy with all means. We say this neither exaggerated nor under false modesty. But we know that only an illegal central organization of the Revolution gives her a coherent shape and the legal area as such can grow on in background. In addition to this a central party for us the necessary tool for a Revolution. The struggle can get only lead such as this tool against the enemy. A party is simply the tool on the way to revolution but never the aim. Revolution is the work by the mass: the party is such the sign and set the orientation. Over the time she wills apart of the World Revolution.

The Anatolian Revolution will be a multicoloured internationalist revolution in a small sense. That’s so, on the basis by different people who have found hiding place in Anatolia. The new Anatolian Revolution is place of world revolution. We the Anatolian revolutionaries are become the soldiers of Internationalism.

A comrade, who is died as a hero, has given us following on the way (has said following sentence):

No stoppage, still further to the front!

Long Live The World Revolution!

Long Live Internationalism!

Free Nations Are Brothers And Sisters!

Long Live The Siblings Of The Free Nations!

Further For The Revolution, Either Socialism Or Death!