Either Socialism Or Death

In 1989 while the defeat of socialism became apparent, only, dominant of the world; imperialist countries started an evidently and also a confidential war in order to share the world. Bourgeois ideologists declared the end of the history, the inevitability of capitalist system and they declaimed that there is no alternative other than capitalism. They tried to prove that Marx, Engels and Lenin’s ideas were mistaken and class struggle has end-ed. They declared the end of socialism; they have always been frightened of socialism.

Since 1989, the tense of the attacks by capitalist-imperialist forces has in-creased. Imperialist countries started a new struggle for the redistribution of markets, influence zones and the redivision of the World.

The revolutionary movement has not been able to confront the capitalist attack, being under pressure by the reactionary wave. The defeat of the labour movement, in an international scale, was not just a result of the power of imperialism, but mainly a result of mistakes of its own, a result of theoretical and political disorientation. The main aspect of this situation is the failure of the proletariat to take power or to maintain it in the countries in which revolutions broke out.

Despite the difficulties, we believe that mankind has no way to lead an honourable life other than bringing socialism to life. Proletariat dictator-ship will end the exploitation of human by human. The advance of technology and tremendous rise of productivity and in wealth production comes in contradiction with billions of people living in poverty, with-out water, without medical care and without any education, around the World. Technical infrastructural and organization of the capital shows that by the spreading of socialist revolution all over the world, socialist stage will be shorten. Therefore, connected to the spreading of revolution, entity time of labour class and entity time of proletariat dictatorship in a country as a state will be shorten too.

Regarding revolution as a process encompassing the entire World, is the first step to get rid of the ravage caused by the theory of “socialism in one country”. Historical experience shows that revolution does not arrive at an end only by taking power. Proletariat dictatorship will stop the exploitation of people by the elite. The stability and continuity of the revolution should be accomplished not only within a single country but all around the World as well. Therefore, while growing up each revolution must pay attention to the World movement in order to spread all around the World. The First step of this is to organize itself as a detachment of World revolutionary movement.

Socialism is a big stride in the history of mankind. Both socialism and socialist movement need to be organized. Organization is the condensity of collective consciousness. Today all around the World, the existence of revolutionary parties which confront will defeat of labour-communist movement will put an end to the disarranged character of the World revolutionary movement. In every country, revolutionary organizations should regard themselves as a detachment of World revolutionary movement. Today, peoples of the World need an international connection and organization more than ever before.

At the beginning of 2Oth century, during the first Great War, the proletariat of the World reached a great victory with the Russian socialist revolution. The Russian proletariat gave a powerful blow to the imperialist chains. Since then, the character of international struggle between the two main classes of society has become more and more tense. Baltic between imperialist forces declined back, struggle between two main classes took place at: the history. Nowadays class struggle declines, battle between imperialist forces takes more places at the scene.

Today, the capitalist-imperialist front, the World capital, forms a new ideological base for a new wave of attack against working class and people’s rights. At first, it was “new World order” (a term that originates from the Nazis), which meant a redivision of the World under USA domination. They are also talking about “globalization” meaning the expand of productive relations of imperialism all over the World and considering that as a progressive process. Their latest invention is the “clash of civilizations”, aiming also in justifying the imperialist aggression as expressed in numerous military conflicts around the World.

At the same time, imperialist forces are struggling against each other for domination. In Africa, Asia, die Middle East and South America, imperialist forces want to take control of mine sources, trade routes, drug traffic and energy sources. For this imperialist aim, several people have been massacred in many parts of the World. Within the last decade, in regional wars, all imperialist forces, especially the USA, have sent their armies to these areas via NATO and they continue feeding themselves with more and more blood.

US imperialism called it attacks that started with Afghanistan and went on with the occupation of Iraq, as “The war of civilizations”. Also using the differences of the religions as “the subject of the war” and declaring Islam as an international threat, is resulting from the effectiveness of the Islamic religion in the countries that will be shared. Today, also in USA and in England, all of the foreigners that are Muslim are declared potential guilty.

Although the war that is going on is characterized as “The Iraq War”, this war is already more than Iraq war. This war is the preparation of the world war for imperialist domination. This war is the clarification of imperialist fronts. The plan is to change the whole map of the region and is the whole control of the region.

A special reference must be made about Iraq whereas the resistance against the invasion develops, it is obvious that Iraq had become a field of defeat for the US army. The USA can neither leave nor hold power and control Iraq. The USA government depicts its desire to enlarge the area of invasion with the goal of attacking Iran and Syrian lands. Despite the enormous military power of the invaders, the resistance of people makes them un-easy and helpless. The anti-American wave coming especially from Latin America and the Middle East encourages people of the World everywhere and flourishes the hope for liberty and independence. The only power that will eliminate the imperialist war can be the allied power of peoples of the World, Middle Eastern, Latin America, Asian and African people can eliminate imperialist power, prevent war and get their right to decide about their own future only through the way of socialist revolution.

Only honourable way against imperialist spoil, war and colonization is building up the front of Middle East nation’s against imperialism and by this power expelling the imperialists from our region. This is the only honourable way. This is the only way for freedom. The process of expelling imperialism form Middle East and the process of breaking up the entity of capitalism and exploitation will make progress together.

The resistance in Iraq proves that even in the worst situation people can still do a lot. The resistance in Iraq -if it is aimed or not- contributes the Palestine resistance. Anatolian resistance will contribute both for Iraq and Palestine resistance absolutely. If the struggle against imperialism at the Middle East country’s increases, the character of Iraq resistance against imperialism will be strengthen. Unless all parts of our region become focus of resistance, it won’t be able to overcome imperialism. Whole parts of our region have been accumulated power for liberation. We appreciate going forward even if it is accomplished with small steps.

Nowadays, the ghost of communism walks around the world. The land which will give it flood and life is indefinite now, but it is certain that a revolutionary wave will spread all around the world quickly. “Either Socialism or Death!” this slogan formulates to resist, not to submit to walk forward in spite of all difficulties. And it points mankind the way of liberation. Greetings to the people who resist at Iraq and Palestine! Greetings to the nations of Middle East! Greetings to the nations of Asia and Africa! Greetings to the honourable island of socialism, Cuba! Greetings to the Bolivarian Revolution that had brought their honour to Venezuelan people!

Greetings to Chile that had disrupted its quietness after many years! Greetings to Colombia, Uruguay, Peru, greetings to the nations of South America! Thousand of greetings from Anatolia!

Long Live Struggle of Nations Against Imperialism!

Long Live the World Revolution!

Either Socialism or Death!