About Kaldıraç

A revolutionary socialist movement who has been doing politics gathering around Kaldıraç Magazine since 1994. Kaldıraç Magazine has carried out publishing for 22 years.

It maintains political activities and organisation practice in accordance with the ideas expressed and published in the magazine. Centrally located in İstanbul, it has also offices in Ankara and İzmir.

Along the magazine published monthly, Kaldıraç Publishing House has been publishing books in such fields of the state, capitalist-imperialism, socialism, history of Anatolia, class struggle in Anatolia, nature struggle, issue of peoples, women issue, education.

Publishing House has also been publishing and bringing revolutionary novels, poetry and essays including the struggle experience of the world revolutionary movement in our land. Nearly 50 books have been published to date.

We have started with intensive studies and analysis about state and revolution, The Kurdish Revolution, socialism disintegration in the USSR, revolutionary ethics and the new human, the transition from capitalism to communism. We have begun to publish our thesis and analysis about these subjects. At the same time, we have also begun to organize us legal above the journalistically work. The foundation of Kaldıraç is put down to three acts:

1. The defeat of the left movement after the military putsch in 1980

2. The Kurdish Revolution

3. The breakdown of USSR

Our foundation is based therefore of two losses and one success, which we want to describe short in details now to make clear, why they have leads to the foundation of Kaldıraç.


The strong revolutionary movement before 1980, above all TKP (Communist Party Turkey) and Dev Yol (Revolutionary Way), hasn’t offer resistance at all against the military putsch (up to the high central committees). The aim of the putsch wasn’t understood. In a time in which the putsch would foreseeable and the internal war was exactly defined, the mass wouldn’t lead in the struggle but in the defeat. At this moment two factors have played a part above all:

The revolutionary organizations hadn’t any concrete idea on how to take over, be looks to a bond and they hadn’t further perspective. The role of the state wasn’t exactly defined. The state was understood as if it is over the classes and as if the state has an independent means. And the left start to search for a forward-looking ideology inside the military/army on Kemalist ideology; there existed a progressive belief on the military. These two factors lead to that, the left force have look at the middle and the little bourgeoisie as all against fascism. So that they are confined to the “democracy bourgeoisie” to be helper on cleaning the state from fascistic elements. The struggle will not lead against the bourgeoisie herself but will be confined to combat of counter-revolutionary forces. This has a serious consequence:

On the basis of these two very important ideological misjudgements the left movement had gave up 1980 themselves and they accept the military to an extent as “liberator’. In contrast to this there were a seriously struggle and resistance by the left movement against the military putsch in 1970. Which herself and the people an important moral and self-confidence; so it was possible for the left to come together and into join the mass right after 1970. But this moral wasn’t left with the defeat after 1980; it took years, till the left had come together again. In addition to this we think it inalienable to make in intensive examination about the state and his function. Therefore, took be analyse, which published with the title “Monopolistically Police State”. This analyse make our opinion about the actual state clear.


The breakdown of the Soviet-Union has in our country, as well as in the world, in addition to the moral and the belief caused in an earnest crises. These crises have nearly all the left organizations went through which shading whatever included the Maoist groups too. The reinforce struggle for a free Kurdistan braked up this moral loss.


In the beginning, the Kurdish Revolution is a very important point in addition to the moral in our country. During the capitalist-imperialist system celebrate loud strong the victory about socialism, make the Kurdish Revolution clear, that is possible to revive him again. Although the Kurdish Movement were facing against a capitalist-imperialistic world-front, The Kurdish Movement had been developed strong upwards since 1992. After 1992 is the development returned but this isn’t a blame of the Kurdish Movement for freedom. The Kurdish nation belongs to the people, who have taken their history, but still there are produced earnest achievements. Although Kurdistan will expect from 4 sides, the Kurdish liberation movement had succeeded in the fight that the right of self-determination by the Kurdish peoples will recognized. When the fight for independence will also defeat or the liberation movement will be capitulating the Kurdish nation had been proud resistance offered which enter in the history. In this point we have, that means Anatolian left, failed. We haven’t support them, because we haven’t get ahead the Revolution together with the Kurdish liberation struggle. The bill for this failure omission must pay now the Kurdish again. When the Anatolian Revolutions is in a difficult situation, so it isn’t due to the situation in which Kurdish Revolution is, so it is due to us. The parts of the Anatolian Left Movement, who don’t agree with an independence Kurdistan within the Turkish borders, have enormous prof-it by the Kurdish revolution relating to a moral belief.

It is blown that solidarity, internationalism only and hi first line possible with an uprising of the Revolution in the own country. Instead of fighting against the same enemy in the second front, the Anatolian Left had criticized the Kurdish Revolution. In order to proof, that the Anatolian left had right with their thesis. The Anatolian left is addicted to rigid as if they are waiting on the defeat of the Kurdish Revolution.

Kaldıraç is an ideological-political-militaristic organization, which is against the Bourgeoisie system. The leadership is composed of young people, who aren’t influences and mould of these two defeats. Especially under the effect which comes from student circles, has developed himself to a new force. Kaldıraç has three meeting-places for workers like said “Homes for works” in Anatolia opened, which will have visited from workers. We move us and act with the knowledge, that is very difficult, to be rooted and to organizing in the working-class. But we take the view, that

it’s necessary be rooted in working-class and accepted her ideology as the ideology by working-class with the aim of the proletarian dictatorship. We are moving us in awareness, that this kind of Revolution is only possible with an armed clash.

Without doubt we live the earnest crises, that we aren’t descended in a narrow sense from a left of our own experience. This leads to that we march on slowly and very carefully. We want say that: Kaldıraç has put up to this time the solidarity in struggle and the ethics of fighting competition between the left movements. However, is the traditional left understanding exactly the opposite from our opinion. It will just be open since recently step by step. The ethic of left was that the fall of a left movement will looked upon as the advancement of another movement. It wasn’t easy to destroy this ethic. We are in the opinion that we have contributed some-thing in this sense by the Anatolian left. On the basis of our missing-roots we would reject. The winning of accepting has taken much time of claim and so we were stiff started whole from zero and learned us all by our self. Internationalism is in the first the necessary condition for a world revolution. In our opinion, the Anatolian Revolution will be in this sense a place of the world revolution. That the revolution hasn’t extended herself and wouldn’t be a part of the world revolution was an important reason for the breakdown of USSR. In addition to that we have above the solidarity an international awareness and think that the world today more than ever before needs an international amalgamation.

We are going our way for 10 years. We don’t take too far when we de-scribe our influence and power. We are convinced us of our ideological affect at all.

We think that we have contributed also for it, that the influence of the Kemalist ideology has decrease. But we know that we are going a difficult way.

With the awareness, that the revolution is call for an endurance long way, we try to set us in motion.

It has brought in intensify serious following of Kaldıraç into action since the beginning. Some of our comrades get accused with the death penalty. Our offices get nearly search every week. There was no book or any magazine of us which wouldn’t confiscate until today. There is just much what we can learn from the revolutionary movement in Anatolia and from the whole world. The parts which we cover with knowledge, still not cover the parts which we don’t know. But we are an earnest, no effort, and diligent movement. Although our cadre are very young and are beginner, they are very conscious by that what they do. We have a long way before us. We are set out for the Anatolian revolution. Knowing, that these is a big dement, we take up our work.

The Turkish Republic is in the dissolving phase today. The state has attained big experience through the Kurdish Liberation Movement on the one hand. On the other hand, the day in the process of dissolving state is in the middle of the deployment struggle and there is discounting mass through by all classes. But the Anatolian left doesn’t intervene in this pro-cess. So, the actual situation let be describe and understand the general mental condition, we think. In the middle of our region, which go through a swell up deployment struggle day by day, the revolution is seen on the one hand, but on the other hand the imperialist deployment struggle is rage exactly in this geographic situation. That’s why we go step by step to precede. We know that it’s important to learn from Cuban revolution. We have recognized Che and Mahir, Deniz, İbo as our martyr and teacher. As we say; “Fight back Cuba, fight Iraq, Anatolia is coming.”